Tax Preparation

Individual and Business Tax Return Preparation

When you turn to us for tax preparation, you will have peace of mind knowing that your tax return reflects all the savings you are due according to the current tax law.  We are diligent in remaining on top of the ever-evolving tax code, whether that be a major overhaul like the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (passed in late 2017) and CARES Act (passed in early 2020) or through amended IRS guidance as a result of annual revisions. In addition to preparing individual tax returns, we also specialize in preparing tax returns for sole proprietors, partnerships, LLCs, c-corporations, s-corporations, trusts, and estates. Whether your business operates only in Illinois or has locations in multiple states, we can prepare and file all Federal and State tax returns.

Tax Planning

Tax liability mitigation and strategic planning have never been more relevant. Given the changing landscape of the tax code now and in the future, tax planning opportunities have remained crucial to the success of family finances and business operations. Between annual tax liability planning or more strategic advisory, we are committed to minimizing your tax liabilities and taking advantage of your future opportunities – while remaining in full compliance with IRS guidelines.