IRS Representation

Advisant Financial & Tax is a full-service tax debt negotiation and tax resolution firm serving individual taxpayers, corporations, associations, and small businesses.  Our goal is to offer a clear understanding of the process for resolving tax audit issues and to leave our clients with realistic expectations as to probable outcomes. Our objective is to negotiate the optimal tax resolution outcome allowed per tax regulations.

Having a tax return selected for audit by the IRS can be an intimidating and time-consuming endeavor.  Audits have the potential to take a significant amount of time away from career and family, which often requires a large amount of work in record collection in order to substantiate each and every item reported for the tax year in question and develop a comprehensive understanding of tax law.  The IRS is adamant in its mission to determine the accuracy of the tax return that is under scrutiny.  Furthermore, if timely compliance isn’t met at the auditor’s request, the IRS has the capability to recalculate tax liabilities at their discretion, complete with penalties and interest.

IRS auditors are trained to extract more information from taxpayers than what is legally obligated to be provided.  Auditors are aware of the fear they impose and have been known to take advantage of taxpayers who are uninformed of their rights, using these deficiencies to their benefit. Through our representation, we remove the stress and complexities involved and serve as a well-experienced intermediary when dealing with the IRS.  We step into our clients’ shoes to ensure that their rights and time are preserved while achieving the outcome they deserve.